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All About Golf offers a first class Custom Fitting for golfers in the DFW area. Your custom fitting is base off of multiple data points which I evaluate to get the best fit for you.  I also do club repair as well as the following:

  • Iron Fitting 125
  • Wood and Hybrid Fitting 125
  • Full Set Fitting 200
  • Putter Analysis 75
  • Grip Installation 4 Each
  • Save Grip 6 Each

  • Shorten Shaft 4 Each
  • Lengthen Shaft 6 Each
  • Loft and Lie Adjustments 5 Each
  • 30-Minute Range (Sim-Golf) 10 per Person

  • 1-Hour Range (Sim-Golf) 17 per Person
  • 9-Hole Sim-Golf 20 per Person
  • 18-Hole Sim-Golf 30 per Person

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